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Factory Compliance Management Service

Factory Registration and obtaining Factory Licence from the Department. Maintenance and submission of the following statutory Records / Returns etc. under Factories act, 1948


Name of the return/Act Return Form Number

• Factories Act , 1948 Form no. 34
• Payment of Wages Act, 1936 Form IV-A
• Minimum Wages Act & Rules Form No. III
• Workmen's compensation Act Annual Return
• Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 L.M.N.
• Half Yearly return Form No. 22


• Register of White washing in Form No. 7 .
• Register of leave with wages in Form No. 15 .
• Register of Accident & Dangerous Occurrences in Form 26.
• Register of Wages in From No. 17.
• Muster roll in Form No. 25 (Prescribed under rule 110).
• Wages Slips in From No. 19 .

Reports to be maintained yearly

• Report of Examination of Vessels in From 8 (Annual).
• Report of Hoist of Lifts in From No. 7B (Annual).
• Testing & Examination of pressure vessel in From No. 8 in respect of steam Generator / Steam Presses. (Annual).


• Change of Name of Manager / Occupier as & when required in Form No. 2-A.
• Form No. 18 (Notice of accident and Dangerous Occurences to be submitted within 24 hours by Registered Post).

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