Payroll Management Service

Payroll is one such painful process that can be outsourced to us. We take a proactive and professional approach to deliver solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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Service Highlights-

A. Payroll – Scope of work- Monthly Payroll Processing

⇒ Receiving input data from client i.e. attendance Register, detail of resigned/newly joined employees.
⇒ Preparation of monthly payroll with detail break-up i.e. department wise, location wise & cost center wise. Circulation of Monthly Payroll Sheet.
⇒ Reimbursements (Part of CTC) based on input.
⇒ Payroll Statement for Bank Transfer.
⇒ Monthly Report of Statutory Deductions i.e. E.P.F., ESIC, Professional Tax & Labor Welfare Fund for timely payment.
⇒ Pay slip to Individual Employees through e-mail
⇒ Full & Final Settlement Letter of Resigned employees
⇒ Update Leave Register, Salary & Wages Register
⇒ Leave Report to Individual Employees through E-Mail.
⇒ Generate Statutory and MIS Reports.
⇒ Computation of Leave Encashment Annually/Periodically as per Company Leave Policy.
⇒ Computation of Tax Card of Individual Employees & Circulate it directly to employees through E-mail.
⇒ Compilation of Investment Declaration Documents from Employees to set-off rebate & deduction for tax saving of individual employees.
⇒ Making and Deposit of Form 24 with Income Tax Department.
⇒ Preparation & Filling of Quarterly/Annual TDS Return of Salary (Form 24Q) As per Income Tax Act 1961.
⇒ Generation of Form 16 & Form 12BA for individual Employees.
⇒ Updating & Suggestion for Tax planning on periodic development on taxation matters.
⇒ Support to Individual employees for Filling of Annual Income Tax Return.
⇒ Advising of any changes in the Income Tax Act from time to time.
⇒ Filing Income Tax returns for employees and obtaining PAN Nos., if desired.
⇒ Handling of all Payroll related queries of employees.

B) Statutory Administration

I. Provident Fund
⇒ Deposit of statutory deductions from salaries like PF/ESI/PT etc.
⇒ Preparation and filing of monthly returns
⇒ Preparation and filing of Annual Returns
⇒ Verification and submission of the filled up Nomination forms
⇒ Transfer forms and Withdrawal forms received from employees.

II. Professional Tax
⇒ Preparation of Form 5 and Remittance

III. Employee State Insurance
⇒ Preparation of ESI Challan and Remittance
⇒ Preparation and filing of half yearly ESI returns
⇒ Filing of ESI declaration forms of the employees with ESI.